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Very visible blemish control

Bad-Scars 2
He suffered from boxcar scars for 15 years.
Look at his dull skin before treatment and his glowing and radiant skin now.
Perfect skin after 11 months.

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Ice Pick Scars 1

Look at her ice-pick scars. Look at the vast difference. All her small scars are now almost invisible.

How did she do it?

For some people, 1 set can last 2 months. But for her, 2 sets only lasted 1 month. She must have applied 5 – 6 times a day.

"I see a lot of changes to my face like my scar is fading away, I’m shock to this product I feel like if you are waiting for fast result this product gonna disappoint me but nah, its good, I see the difference before and after. Thank you sir, I can’t wait to share my experience to my viewers."

2 Months Update:
"I want to share my experience about the EOS product. Before I used this product I have a lot of pimple scars and large pores since I was 17 years old. I tried a lot of pimple and acne products, and was hoping there would be a product that could help my problem.  But all the products I used didn’t really affect my acne scars. When I discovered this EOS product, I tried it because I saw the feedback was good; so I tried it to see for myself if it’s true. I began using it on July 25, 2019. When I started to use the EOS product, I saw my face is very soft and I don’t feel any dirt on my face after only one week of use. I continued using the product and was very excited and keep telling myself this is it, I found the answer to my problem. Every week I see the changes to my old scaring being reduced. I notice the scarring flatten, smoothen and the big pores disappearing. I can’t believe that EOS is the answer to my problem, now I’m so confident going outside without putting make up on. Thank you very much EOS."

Started: 25/7/19 (2 months)

Jeannie P.


Ice Pick Scars 2


Her ice-pick scar has flattened drastically in only 2 months.

Scars 3


Look at her blemishes. Look at the vast difference.

Her skin texture and skin tone has improved drastically.

NOTE: Most of these are Filipino users. These are not their real names, they have been changed to protect their identity. The age of these young YouTubers ranges from 18 to 25. That is why they experience very fast results. It is common knowledge that as you grow older, your skin’s self-healing properties slows down.


"I’m on my 3rd month using and it’s amazing! ? My Scars are Starting to fade."

4 Months Update:

“I am so grateful, my journey was Great! I noticed my scars aren’t appearing that much unlike before and many of my friends are saying that I am looking younger than my age! I’m so amazed by this Product! I have posted several pictures on my social media accounts and they really saw changes on my face I’m so thankful to you and your company as well for giving me this opportunity!”

Started: 9/3/19 (4 months)

Angel M.


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Scars 4

“It’s not the best yet, but I noticed my skin craters have reduced so much, it is unbelievable and I'm happy with it. My skin is definitely looking smoother and clearer every day now.”

Started: 1/4/19 (3 months)

Cindy Mae


Scars 5

“The changes that I’ve noticed are my skin is lightening and my scars are fading. I also noticed my skin is getting a bit tighter and my acne is clearing up.”

Started: 1/5/19 (2 months) Philippines

Marie F.


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"I was a little skeptical of the products to begin with but I’ve definitely noticed a big difference. It’s helped balance my skin so much and I’ve also noticed that it’s started to reduce scarring, some areas more quickly than others but still noticeable results all over. I’m pleasantly surprised at how good these products are."

Started: 1/3/19 (4 months)

Samantha Kristi


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"I'm doing good. Right now, I believe I'm still in the purging stage. Some acne still popped up after using the product but I'm amazed at how it lightens my acne scars. Hope I can finally share the best result to my YouTube friends soon. I'm sure they'll love the products too!"

Started: 1/4/19 (2 months)

Chrissy M.


"Hello and good morning! My skin has drastically changed especially the scars. Thank you so much!"

Started: 24/4/19 (1 ½ months)

Lorraine Torres


"Hi I love your products, its effective and skin friendly ? my skin is brighter and healthier than before. And also my little acne marks are fading fast. "

Started: 23/4/19 (1 ½ months)

Quennie R.


"I am currently using your product, it takes a long time to see the result but i love your product because my acne scars are fading."

Started: 4/4/19 (2 months)

Lorraine B.