The only skincare company to explain and to prove to you scientifically how EOS Acne Advanced Serum repairs your skin.

No skincare company has been able to explain and show you scientifically how infected and blemished skin can be restored.

We are the only company in the world that has a breakthrough skincare formulation to activate microcirculation activity beneath the skin.

Benefits of skin microcirculation is a proven scientific fact.

All other products branded or non-branded uses transdermal method (trying to repair the skin from without). The results are less than satisfactory. We use subcutaneous cellular repair and regeneration technology. The results speak for themselves. It is how our body’s system works. Our serum causes a super acceleration of blood flow at the subcutaneous level resulting in accelerated cellular repair (read the 10 benefits of microcirculation below). That is why the results of our serum are so miraculous. Other products work from without (transdermal), ours work from within.

Scientific Microcirculation Principle: Improving skin microcirculation will accelerate cellular regeneration to speed up healing of the skin.

Blood Circulation
When people talk about blood circulation, most people think in terms of the heart, veins and arteries that carry blood throughout the body. That is not unusual. Blood circulation has always been associated with the largest components in the cardiovascular system which includes the heart and the large coronary arteries that feed the heart.

Your blood circulation system carries oxygen from the lungs and nutrients from your small intestines and carries them throughout the entire body so that they can be used by vital organs, like the heart, liver, kidneys, muscles, etc.

But there is another system we do not normally talk about. The microcirculation system in the capillaries which services the largest organ in the body: your skin. While circulation refers to blood flow to and from vital organs, microcirculation refers to blood flow in the smallest blood vessels in the body – capillaries, arterioles, and other such blood vessels.


This system is where the important functions of microcirculation take place: the exchange of skin nourishing materials from blood to cells and waste materials from cells to blood. Capillaries are the smallest of the body’s blood vessels. They are only one cell thick.

The main functions of microcirculation are the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) and waste materials. It also serves to regulate blood pressure and tissue perfusion.

When microcirculation is activated beneath the skin, the blood flow is tremendously increased causing exudates to rise to the surface of the skin. Exudates are the body's defence system and self-healing mechanism. What is exudate? Exudate consists of water, mediators, nutrients, enzymes, oxygen, electrolytes, white blood cells (to fight infection), protein-digesting, and growth factors to provide the skin with additional building materials.

Dermatological researches have shown that enhanced microcirculation benefits the skin in 10 ways:

1) Increases oxygen supply
2) Extra skin nutrients to nourish skin cells
3) Speeds up the detoxification of the cells
4) Increases and improves the skin's ability to absorb more skin food that is applied onto the skin
5) Prevents moisture loss
6) Increases protein synthesis (e.g. keratin)
7) Raises intracellular NADP levels
8) Speeds up the production of keratinocytes
9) Increases supply of white blood cells
10) Helps to moisturize the skin

Birth of a powerful microcirculation promoter
As you can see, the benefits of enhanced dermal microcirculation are enormous. Microcirculation is a proven scientific principle that is acknowledged by international scientists. Up until now, they have been unable to recreate it in the lab. The only way they can advise is to eat a lot of vegetables every day.

EOS Acne Advanced Serum is the only product that can super accelerate the microcirculation beneath your skin. The serum acts as a vasodilator (meaning forcing the tiny network of blood vessels to dilate) enhancing an increase in microcirculation to the upper layers of the skin.


In the picture, the large cotton pad below the bandage has been saturated with EOS Acne Advanced Serum.

Kindly look at the intense microcirculation activity going on.

Now you understand why our EOS Acne Advanced Serum is so revolutionarily effective for all types of acne, scar prevention and scar removal.

Our products are truly science based. They are gentle to the skin.

Now beautiful skin is at your fingertips. Have a beautiful journey.

Our raw serum for acne treatment can be used as a perfect beauty anti-aging serum. The raw serum is the only product in the world that can super accelerate the microcirculation beneath the skin.

Common sense will tell us that a daily increase in oxygen supply and extra skin nutrients to nourish skin cells will help to slow down facial skin aging.

If hyaluronic acid is added to the formula, the serum will greatly enhance the absorption rate of the acid and thus greatly help to reduce skin stretching and flexing and also reduces skin wrinkles and lines.

Therefore along with 2 additional products, cleanser and toner, it would make any company's perfect beauty anti-aging daily routine set highly prized by ladies and men who want to look young.