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Very visible acne control

Nodular Acne
Even dermatologists could not help her
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Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne

Look at the vast difference after only 1 month.

How did she do it?

She used 2 sets within one month. She must have applied more than 3 times a day.

NOTE: Most of these are Filipino users. These are not their real names, they have been changed to protect their identity. The age of these young YouTubers ranges from 18 to 25. That is why they experience very fast results. It is common knowledge that as you grow older, your skin’s self-healing properties slows down.


"I am on my first month now, I also experienced what they called purging. But it is really effective. I love the ph balance cleanser it leaves on my face smooth soft and fresh."

3 Months Update:

"I have been using No Acne Scar’s EOS products since May 8 and as what I read on the description it says that I have to be patient when applying this product meaning no rushing as it will take time to clear the acne. Actually, this product is like magic, I was really blown away by the result every day.

One day when I woke up I was amazed because my acne was gone and the bumps had flattened, it is so amazing!! The best part is there are no leftover scars unlike before. I applied the product generously and yes, they are right, it will take time to clear my skin after a total of 3 months of using it twice a day."

Started: 8/5/19 (3 months)

Yvette D.



"I've been using the EOS Acne pH Balance Cleanser and EOS Acne Advanced Serum for two months and I really love the result.

As mom of one year and months old baby, most of the time I had lack of sleeps, stressful days and I noticed that I got more pimples than the usual. But when I started using EOS Acne pH Balance Cleanser and the EOS Acne Advanced Serum, I noticed that it's elliminates my pimples with no marks at all. Yes, "NO MARKS" of pimples.

And to those who have acne and pimple problems like me, I highly recommend EOS Acne pH Balance Cleanser and EOS Acne Advanced Serum. You must try it guys."

Started: 6/5/19 (2 months)

Nikki M.



“I’m absolutely obsessed with how gentle the products are and amazed at my results!”

Started: 9/6/19 (2 ½ months)

Katie C.


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"I’m on my 3rd month using and it’s amazing! ? My Scars are Starting to fade."

4 Months Update:

“I am so grateful, my journey was Great! I noticed my scars aren’t appearing that much unlike before and many of my friends are saying that I am looking younger than my age! I’m so amazed by this Product! I have posted several pictures on my social media accounts and they really saw changes on my face I’m so thankful to you and your company as well for giving me this opportunity!”

Started: 9/3/19 (4 months)

Angel M.


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14 Acne

"Sorry for the lack of update but I'm currently using the set. So far, no purging and my skin is loving it. It is gentle to my skin"

3rd Month Update:

"As you can see in the result photos, after 3 months, my blemishes faded."

Started: 6/5/19 (3 months)

Nicole Ann


1. Using only 2 products saves so much time. The time I spend on skincare has been cut to less than half. I usually have 5 – 10 steps.
2. These products have so much potential. Could be promising to some people.

1st month of usage – a lot of acne came out.
2nd month – not much change, some pimple cleared
3rd month – My acne cleared up and the change on my skin was drastic. All the pimples on my left side were gone. I still have marks but not as bad as on the 1st day.

This just might be the solution to everyone’s pimples, acne or acne scar problems. Could be the Holy Grail for those people who experience really bad acne.

The cleanser does not sting the face and is gentle. As for the serum, my skin easily absorbs the product."

Started: 1/3/19 (3 months)

Grace Lewis


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"I do have hormonal acne and get random breakout but so far LOVING these products as it’s a super simple system and it clears up any breakout super fast! I’m obsessed, thank you for having me apart of the team."

Started: 17/4/19 (2 months)

Cassandra Roberts


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"I was a little skeptical of the products to begin with but I’ve definitely noticed a big difference. It’s helped balance my skin so much and I’ve also noticed that it’s started to reduce scarring, some areas more quickly than others but still noticeable results all over. I’m pleasantly surprised at how good these products are."

Started: 1/3/19 (4 months)

Samantha Kristi


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"My skin is doing great. It definitely helped with my troubled skin. I only experience 3 pimples before my menstruation. I am truly liking the product. The normal situation back then is that I will have pimples every now and then each month. Even if my menstruation is not yet near the date.

I also experience 1 to 3 big acnes (pimples that are super tender and painful to touch). However now I only experience small pimples which easily dry up. I am currently using the products as well with my other skincare products and it works well with my toner and moisturizer from different brand. The formula of the cleanser is mild and gentle for my skin but truly works in removing the makeup and dirt. The serum is good as well. It is easily absorbed by my skin and does not leave a heavy and tacky feeling. But the scent is a bit strong. I find that it helps to reduce my acne. I also find that it smoothens my skin while giving it a healthy look."

Started: 3/5/19 (1 ½ months)

Leonor Santos


"Just an update, I've began using the cleanser and the serum and I think I am entering the purging stage early (so more breakouts). My niece started using hers 2 weeks ago and she already gone through a bottle of the serum (because she uses it for her back, so large area). Not sure what stage she is at because although she began having more breakouts, they don't last long and dry faster than previous breakouts. Her older breakouts are recovering nicely too. Is that another effect of your product? I don't see it in the product information but I think it's great."

Started: 7/5/19 (1 ½ months), Niece: 22/4/19 (2 months)

Jun Yey


"So far I like the products. I have been using for 3 weeks and it looks like glass skin or korean skin. I hope it will continue that, looking forward."

Started: 17/5/19 (3 weeks)

Lenora H.


"I've been using the product for about 2 weeks... so far so good"

Started: 3/6/19 (2 weeks)

Jasmine S.


"Hi thanks for the update. And also i like this product. I started using it since i got it. Cant wait to film a video for this."

Started: 19/3/19 (3 months)

Jenny Fai


"I'm doing good. Right now, I believe I'm still in the purging stage. Some acne still popped up after using the product but I'm amazed at how it lightens my acne scars. Hope I can finally share the best result to my YouTube friends soon. I'm sure they'll love the products too!"

Started: 1/4/19 (2 months)

Chrissy M.


"Hello and good morning! My skin has drastically changed especially the scars. Thank you so much!"

Started: 24/4/19 (1 ½ months)

Lorraine Torres


"So far I’m loving your products."

Started: 30/4/19 (1 ½ months)

Majorie Reyes


"I put the serum on pimple areas and it has helped a lot."

Started: 3/4/19 (2 ½ months)

Vera Ignacio


"Hi! So far I have been loving the facial cleansers! I didn't use the serums because my skin doesn't have acne. I gave it to my mom and my uncle, and my mom said that people have been noticing that her skin has been looking radiant recently!"

Started: 1/5/19 (2 months)

Selena Rosa


"Everyday I’m using the EOS serum and cleanser and it’s very helpful so thank you for sending."

Started: 24/4/19 (1 ½ months)

Jessie Mendoza


"I just uploaded my video about the product. It really did work, thank you! "

Started: 22/4/19 (1 Month)

Stella Marie


"Okay sure, I’m ready with the second set. I will make a video for your products because honestly I loved it."

Started: 25/3/19 (2 months)

Kristina Rosario


"So far so good, the product is great. Though I experienced purging for almost a week, but it's okay then."

Started: 7/5/19 (1 month)

Jen Ong


"Your products are so awesome, I can really see a difference within a ONE DAY USE like a spot treatment and I want to promote noacnescar serum cause it's really working and awesome!!"

Started: 23/1/19 (4 months)

Katy Santino


"I let my husband use the product because he has this acne prone skin. I will attach a picture on his skin condition after using the first set... So far there’s no visible acne."

Started: 15/4/19 (2 Months) - Husband

Maya D.


"Sir I really like product. It is so very effective for me."

Started: 8/5/19 (2 months)

Mary Faustino


"I've been using your product for a month and I've seen an improvement on my face. 2nd Month Update - I don't know if this is still purging but I have new acnes again. But only mild unlike before."

Started: 3/4/19 (2 months)

Tessa Sampson


"As for the product, I like it, the Foam Cleanser has a very light subtle smell which is perfect for sensitive skin and it has a soft glowing effect after washing. The Serum for my skin is very effective, its dries up my acne quick as like after putting the right amount on the pimple area I noticed it dries in 2-3 days.

The cons is the Serum has a strong scent. And also one thing I noticed, acne came out a week before i finished the first set, but in continue using with my 2nd set, my face became clear again. Yes please I require more, I would love to continue to use the EOS and I’m happy with the results. Thank you."

Started: 3/4/19 (2 months)

Anna Chang


"Sure ! so far I’m liking the results."

Started: 12/3/19 (3 months)

Yuri S.


"I'm very happy with the products that you sent me specially the cleanser. I would definitely include it in my skincare favorites video once I film it ? I'll let you know, too, coz soon I will be filming a video and will recommend the cleanser as well. Do I have a discount code already? I am planning to have a giveaway one box to my subscribers, too. More powers and thank you!"

Started: 30/5/19 (1 month)

Donna Summers


"Ok sir thank you so much. I will make a video soon. Actually sir, the effect of EOS to me is very slow but I see the effect now after 3 months, a little bit better than before but during the first 1-2 months my skin had so much pimples which I think was part of the purging, but now I wake up every day and I feel that my skin is better than before."

6 month update:
"While using EOS for 6 months, I haven’t used any other brand for my face, just EOS. I still do have occasional breakouts. Like today, I have very big pimples. Especially when my monthly period is coming. But what I love about Eos is the acne never leaves a scar when it heals. And my old scars I see the changes, they’re still there but not like before."

Started: 20/3/19 (6 months)

AJ Castillo