About Us

We are a bio-nutrient superfood skincare company.
All our products are scientifically formulated. It is troubled skincare science at its best.
Our Government approved GMP factory is GDP, GLP, and ISO certified.

They say that the 21st century is the age of obsolescence. 20 years ago, car technology was a simple ignition and drive and manual parking. But now you have cars that can park themselves without a driver having to sit in the driver’s seat. Innovation is moving so fast that you have new “toys” every year.

What was not possible last year is now possible this year. That is called advancement in skin science.

EOS Acne Advanced Serum is for troubled skin and for enhancing collagen activity to improve the structural and functional integrity of the epidermis. Using our improved blood flow technology, it is the latest in skincare science. The results speak for themselves. Beautiful skin is now possible all the time.  Our products were approved and registered with BPFK (Malaysian Health Ministry) in April 2018.

EOS Super Serum is the world's most powerful skin renewal serum using proven accelerated blood flow technology. Your painful experience in the kitchen does not have to leave behind visible reminders.

Our products are science-based, non-comedogenic and non-animal tested. They have been specially formulated to match your skin’s natural pH levels to prevent damage to your skin’s acid mantle, which is your skin's natural protective layer against bacteria, viruses and contaminants. Your skin is thus able to absorb the phytonutrients and essential fatty acids more effectively and at the same time preserving your skin’s natural barrier.

Our manufacturing, storage, piping and the delivery system uses 304 stainless steel (pharmaceutical grade steel).

The Story Behind Our Brand - EOS: Eye Of Shangri-la

EOS: Eye Of Shangri-la tells a story of perpetual youth and beauty. It is what men and women all over the world have been searching for.

EOS: Eye Of Shangri-la represents the gateway to beauty.

A few years ago, our founder went to a cosmetic outlet to look for natural shampoo. She saw that the sales ladies have acne scars. She asked them, “Do you have any products for acne that at the same time prevents scar formation as well as banishes scars?” They told her that there is no such thing in the market.

She went to all the international cosmetic skincare outlets and they gave the same reply. She went to the pharmacies and they laughed at her.

Laugh no more. What was not possible last year is now possible this year. That is called advancement in skincare science.

With the technology behind our products, we will restore the self-esteem of our customers by giving them the chance to have beautiful clear skin.

A good skincare is not about the size of the company. It is about which product gives better results.

Beautiful skin is now a reality. Beautiful skin is our specialty. Welcome to EOS, the Gateway to Beauty.

Let's give everybody beautiful skin today. Let’s enjoy beauty together.

The Director

Thank you for taking this EOS Journey with us.